Art blacksmithcraft

The collections of the art blacksmithcraft are placed in the entrance part, of the museum. There are exhibited forged objects of applied, decorative and art character. The collection of more than 100 exhibits from the various periods of styles attracts with a combination of the traditional craftsmanship with the creative technical thinking and style influences. The oldest exhibit of the exposition is the gothic iron fitting door called according its place of finding "Leles ’Door". From the period of Renaissance comes the forged door - methalic door characteristic of its renaissance ornament with the original lock. By the bar f rging was applied a rod of iron - it can be seen on the renaissance grave cross with a reliquary.

At the bars the bending into the spirals are characteristic, it documents the bar with renaissance elements. The attention attracts a forged decorative scene symbolizing the life - an oak and a sin - with an interlaced snake (16th -17th centuries). There are exhibited also numerous various bar details as well some forged ornamental elements, a forged console marked by a locksmith guild, forged decorative elements with baroque lines, consoles for the guild flags, window and light bars, sconces, decorative locks with forging. Not less interesting is the soldierly shield from the tinplate preserved with a crocodile leather from the 16th- 17th centuries.In the exposition an versized decorative key fixed on the console, guild mark of the locksmithes are prominent.The forged ornamental elements exhibited ver the entrance next t the entry into the passageway call our attention to the baroque line. In the exposition the period of secession (art nouveau) is represented most abundantly. The craftsmen demonstrate their inventive processing, the delicacies of representation and most of all the true imitation of the natural details. Here is placed a graceful plant motive of a forged sunflower as a demonstration representing the period of secession. From the set of about 20 secessional bar ornaments and various details two functional f rged chandeliers are prominent. Two of them come from an excellent Košice ’s workroom by the Buchners ’brothers. A little forged bell decorated with secessional elements make enjoyment both visitors as the young so the older ones. From the numerous evidences of workmanship and artistic sence of the ancient craftsmen of the black handicraft and locksmith ’s trade the forged bar can attract the visitors. It is a masterly piece from the beginning of 20th century made by a Košice ’s craftman Jozef Lučný. The whole bar is in eclectic composition decorated with ornaments from various style periods.