Utility and art metal objects

In the exposition of the utility and art metal objects the visitor can admire the numerous documents of the rich tradition of the handicraftś skill and the artisticś feel of the craftsmen of the nutal - working handrafts. The collection more than 300 exponats from metal documents the combination of the creative echnical thinking with the style influences and generally valid design. Mining and me allurgy in Slovakia reached in 18th century the top in the world measure. On he introducing of the technical progress the important measure rule had Academy in Banská Štiavnica, that was founded in 1763. Here stinted the experts of the worldś format: Mikuláš Jozef Jacquin, Giovanni Antonio Scopoli, Ignác Anton Born.

Exhibited are: bemfit medals, laboratory instruments and aids that are used by examination of the ores and me als from 18th century and costly mining-me allurgical manual that was publish in Bratislava in 1775. On the basis of the developed me allurgical production were developed the metal - working handcrafts, that began to group to the guilds from the second half of the 14th century.The oldest iron-processing handcraft were blacksmithś, from which were developed futher metals - processing handcrafts, for example: locksmithś trade, cutlery, sword trade, needle trade. More archives in SR are preserved the guilds statutes, articuls in the originals, attested or non - attested copies, that documented costly facts about the history metal-working handcrafts in Slovakia.There are exhibited the statutes and guilds stamps. From the great number of the functional and decorative articles from the me als there are represented in exposition the sewing machine and the aids, pressers, cast iron tile stove, weights and bobs, writing desk with that time collection objects. In the part of exposition there is documented the activity of the artistic locksmith, blacksmith and the owner of the metal-casting from Alexander Buchner. There are exhibited craftsmanś products from his workshop as striking canteen, art nouvean flower stand, stylized candlestick, decorative rug for the tile stove, striking rock with ea shrub, ornamental vase with the rose motive, bells-metal models. The figureś and animalś plastic arts forging from the flat lined iron and the ironś shut metal are the exhibition from the creation of the craftsman of the popular art -artistic blacksmith Gabriel Nemčík from Košice. His characteristicś blacksmithś and sometime up to the me al engrawerś writing, that is connected with the creative and nonmissing humour gives to the plastic arts fresh and lightness. Exhibitions from the creation of the functional craft of the blacksmith Gabriel Nemčík are exhibited the present artistic -handicraft production with the application of the traditional blacksmithś technology.