The Museum of Aviation managed by the Slovak Technical Museum in Košice was opened in August 2003. It is situated in he area of the international airport at Košice. It houses older aviation technologies consisting especially of a precious collection of aircraft engines, measurement equipments and navigation instruments used in the airplanes. A special and the most important group of the exhibition presents the collections of the original aircrafts. They are mainly warplanes of following types: MIG-15, MIG-21, helicopters, fighter bomber SU-22, fighter SU-15 TM, an agricultural Z-37 A called "Bumblebee", glider VT 116 Orlík, sailplane (ultralight)Mitchel B-10, with total number of 18 original aircrafts.

24 historical aircraft engines are placed in the permanent exhibition starting with 1915/16 up to the recent modern jet engines R 13 F 2 S-300. The permanent exhibition is completed with airplane models, models of the historical airplanes at about 50 peaces. The whole collection is devided into several parts: The Aviation beginnings in their Historical Development, The First Pracical Aviation Beginnings and their Development and That Onein Slovakia (the attempts with imitation of flying of the birds by monk Cyprián Jajsge), The First Balooning Records, The Experiments How to Construct Aeroplans, The First Demonstration Flys, The Aviation Pioneers in Slovakia (A. Kvas, A. Szélyi, M. Boťanský, J. Bahýľ and the invention of parachute by Š. Banič), The Aviation in Slovakia after 1918 (founding of Masaryk´s Aviation League), The Important Personalities of Aviation in Slovakia (M. R. Štefánik, J. Ambruš, N. Šapošníková, K. Kasala, V. Ihriský and others).

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