From the history of Physics in Slovakia

 The aim of the exposition is to acquaint the visitors with more than 500 years of the development of Physics in Slovakia.The exposition presents up to 250 precious exhibits -physical demonstration devices,predominantly historical as well as present ones,from the exhibit fund of the Slovak Museum of technology.The rich picture and textual documentation and all the precious exhibits refer to the trends of the development of physics in the world and their application in educational system at that time in our countries.The visitors can see the documented beginnings of the scientific life in the 19th century up to the present scientific institutions in Slovakia.

An important role in the history of physics belongs to the scientists working in or coming from Slovakia in the past.They all have enriched the fund of the world science and technology.In exposition they are above all Ján Segner, Maximilián R.Hell,Wolfgang Kempelen,Štefan Anián Jedlík,Jozef Branislav Zoch, and others.The history of the educational system and its successive development stages ilustrate the textbooks of that time from the book funds of the museum. Among these we must mention the precious Horváth ’s Textbook of Physics published in historical Hungary in 1794 as a summaries of the elements of Physics included electrostatics and magnetism.The unique is the first Slovak Zoch ’s textbook of Physics from Revúca gymnasium in an effort to introduce the Slovak scientific terminology.From the collection of the apparatuses attracts the set of the measures,scales and weights from the 17th century,a precious armilar sphere from 1560,microscopes from the half of 19th century,precious sets of electrifiers from electrostatics,optical apparatuses,various teaching aids.There are exhibited numerous measuring instruments,for measurement of electrical quantities based on the various physical principles:Tangent ’s compass,ampermeters,voltmeters, galvanometers,electrodynamic instru- ments:dynamo,Rúhmkorf ’s inductor, generator.The present physics is represented by the significant representatives of the world science as well the prominent authorities from Slovakia and Slovak Academy of Siences. From the modern atomic physics in exposition there are:dosimeters and various measuring instruments for measurment of radioactivity.The last part of the exposition is the room of the "FORGOTTEN EXPERIMENTS FROM OPTICS"where most of all the young people can verify on the simple experiments the principles of luminous and optical phenomena: CAMERA OBSCURA,THE PRINCIPLE OF STROBOSCOPE,KALEIDOSCOPES, MONOCULARS AND BINOCULARS,MIRRORS,VARIOUS OPTICAL ILLUSIONS SUCH AS RAINBOW,STIRRING THE PAINTS,SIGHT SWINDLES,COLOUR BLINDNESS AND OTHERS.