Mechanical Engineering industry

In the Museum exposition attention is focused on the work of the Engineering Faculties of theTechnical Universities in Slovakia. It contains nearly 60 three-dimensional exhibits, including models and mockups, photo documentation of the technical designes and plans of the equipment. The dominant feature of this exposition is a simulated automated workplace with the functional robot APR 20, showing the process of welding. The first display panel in this part or the exposition is dedicated to the memory of the founder of the theory of the steam and gas turbines Prof. Ing. Aurel Stodola /1859-1942/. The photographs on display present the engineering laboratory of the Technical High School in Zürich which Aurel Stodola built up during the nineteen thirties.

Included in the display is a graphic illustration of the mechanical equipment including several different parameters of blade profiles, that were developed at the Engineering Faculty of the Technical University in Košice. This equipment was awarded a gold medal at the world exhibition of inventions in Brussels in 1972. The greatest space in the exposition belongs to the former Závody ťažkého strojárstva factory and its seven research and development labratories.The exhibition includes models of the products that were given awards at local and international engineering exhibitions. Noteworthy are the models of special cars, road building machines, wooden wheeled tractors, and universal loaders. Models of the first river passenger ship OL 400 and the bucket ladder excavator type KB 160/60. These two products characterize the production scheme of the ZŤS Research Institution for the building of ships in Komárno. They were produced especially for the presentation at the Museum. The pictures in this exabition illustrate the principles of the so-called numerical control of machines, that assumed the term "NC" /Numerical Control/. The pictures show in sequence the succesive generations of NC machines that were invented in Slovakia. From the many models concentrated at the exposition it is possible to get a complete concept of the organization of automated work places. A very valuable exibit on display is a model of a lathe being operated by a robot which is controlled by a microprocesor which was awarded the national prize in 1980. The Technical High School in Košice developed the first industrial robot system in Czechoslovakia. Another exihibit is the APR 20 robot which was developed and constructed by the State Corporation Research Institution For the metal industry in PreŠov during the 1980's for the needs of the corporation Vagónka in Poprad. The welding of carriage parts is carried out by the APR 20 robot at the Vagonka plant.