The exposition of Astronomy documents the instrumentation used since the oldest period of time up to the present.The devices such as sundials,astrolabes, armilar spheres triguetrum,celestial globes,atlases,maps,telluromete s,various forms of planetariums,lenticular and mirror telescopes,coronographes up to the devices and instrumentation from the satellites come from the collection funds of Slovak Museum of Technology.More than 100 exhibits are placed in the area of 150 m2.To the preciuos collections belong the collection of the sundials from the 17th -18th centuries,the armilar sphere and the celestial globes from the beginning of the 18th century.

The part of the Exposition of Astronomy is the programm in Planetarium.It demonstrates all the stars,planets,nebulae,the sun and the moon which can be seen by eye.In exposition there is opennessly placed an observation technique such as telescopes by means of which the visitor can examine the ASTRONOMY difference between the lenticular and mirror telescopes,astronomical and terrestrial ones.The part of this exposition is also the technique which provides the utilization of a great number of information from the multimedial compact disks,for example Cosmos Encyclopaedia as well as the videoprojection of the motion pictures of astronomy or cosmonautics.The first part of exposition is devoted to the history of astronomy in Slovakia.On 10 photodocumentational panels are documented universities and schools,observatories,authorities wo king at them,but also those wo king abroad such as Regiomontanus,Hell,Frölich, Konkoly-Thége,Bečvář,Pajdušáková.Here is emphasized the stint in astronomy of such p ominent authorities originally coming from Slovakia among which indisputably are classed Petzval,or M.R.Štefánik.In this section are included also the institutions for astronomy such as AÚ SAV (Institution for Astronomy of Slovak Academy of Science)and its places of wo k,people ’s observatories or companies for astronomy in Slovakia.