Telecommunication Engineering

The first part of the exhibition of the Telecommunication Engineering is outlined as the verview of the development of the telegraph technology, from the first practically useable apparatus for the reports transmission Morseoś graving telegeraph /1840/through the invention of the first teleprinter by American Hughes with the printing pressure text to the present teleprinterś technique and telefaxes.

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Utility and art metal objects

In the exposition of the utility and art metal objects the visitor can admire the numerous documents of the rich tradition of the handicraftś skill and the artisticś feel of the craftsmen of the nutal - working handrafts. The collection more than 300 exponats from metal documents the combination of the creative echnical thinking with the style influences and generally valid design. Mining and me allurgy in Slovakia reached in 18th century the top in the world measure. On he introducing of the technical progress the important measure rule had Academy in Banská Štiavnica, that was founded in 1763. Here stinted the experts of the worldś format: Mikuláš Jozef Jacquin, Giovanni Antonio Scopoli, Ignác Anton Born.

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Mechanical Engineering industry

In the Museum exposition attention is focused on the work of the Engineering Faculties of theTechnical Universities in Slovakia. It contains nearly 60 three-dimensional exhibits, including models and mockups, photo documentation of the technical designes and plans of the equipment. The dominant feature of this exposition is a simulated automated workplace with the functional robot APR 20, showing the process of welding. The first display panel in this part or the exposition is dedicated to the memory of the founder of the theory of the steam and gas turbines Prof. Ing. Aurel Stodola /1859-1942/. The photographs on display present the engineering laboratory of the Technical High School in Zürich which Aurel Stodola built up during the nineteen thirties.

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The department of the Energetistic

The exhibition of the department of the energetistic engines bears the name of Prof. Dr. Ing. Aurel Stodola /1859-1942/ -a world renowned scientist, who became famous in the technical world for his basic theory about the constructing steam and gas turbines. He has been invited from High Technical School in Zürich and from 1892 he has permanent acted as Professor by him founded Faculty the contracting engines, where he became famous in the world as a scientist and high schoolś Professor with his scientific work "Dampf -turbinen und ihre Aussichten als Wärmer-kraftmaschinen"/ steam turbines and their perspectives as thermal engines /, in that he put the basic to the theory that is accepted up to the present days. The collection shows steam engines and steam turbines, water-engines and internal combustion engines.

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