Art blacksmithcraft

The collections of the art blacksmithcraft are placed in the entrance part, of the museum. There are exhibited forged objects of applied, decorative and art character. The collection of more than 100 exhibits from the various periods of styles attracts with a combination of the traditional craftsmanship with the creative technical thinking and style influences. The oldest exhibit of the exposition is the gothic iron fitting door called according its place of finding "Leles ’Door". From the period of Renaissance comes the forged door - methalic door characteristic of its renaissance ornament with the original lock. By the bar f rging was applied a rod of iron - it can be seen on the renaissance grave cross with a reliquary.

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Metallurgy and exposition VSŽ, j.s.c.

The historical metallurgy exhibition elucidates the development of metallurgy on a worldwide scale with stress on the rich tradition in Slovakia.The exhibition is installed on the arranged stair and in the rooms on the first floor. There are emphasized the discoveries in metallurgy of iron,non-ferrous metallurgy and forming the metals.In the entry part attracts the visitor the model so-called "Slovak furnace"from 14th century,typical for the Slovak ironś regions. It represents the type of metallurgical shaftś furnace,that with regard to that time level of metallurgical tochnology in Europe was high progresive equipment.

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Development of typewriters

The exposition of the development of typewriters belongs to one of the most comprehensive collections. It documents the development from the second half of 19th century up to the present times.This collection rightfully deserves attention. With the first attempts to construct the typewriter came investors, who wanted to alleviate the sad destiny of the blind.After the Bratislavian J.W.Kempelen in 1775 there was Frenchman Pingeron in 1780 and Englishman Jenkins in 1784, there was alsothe Italian Pelegrina di Castelnuovo in 1800 and plenty of others.The Father of one of the greatest Slovak scientists from the 19th century Jozef Maximilián Petzval was Ján Fridrich Petzval. He was a talented technician and inventor who constructed and patented a typewriter called the "Polygraph", on the 11th of August 1824 in Levoča.

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The exposition of Astronomy documents the instrumentation used since the oldest period of time up to the present.The devices such as sundials,astrolabes, armilar spheres triguetrum,celestial globes,atlases,maps,telluromete s,various forms of planetariums,lenticular and mirror telescopes,coronographes up to the devices and instrumentation from the satellites come from the collection funds of Slovak Museum of Technology.More than 100 exhibits are placed in the area of 150 m2.To the preciuos collections belong the collection of the sundials from the 17th -18th centuries,the armilar sphere and the celestial globes from the beginning of the 18th century.

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