From the history of Physics in Slovakia

 The aim of the exposition is to acquaint the visitors with more than 500 years of the development of Physics in Slovakia.The exposition presents up to 250 precious exhibits -physical demonstration devices,predominantly historical as well as present ones,from the exhibit fund of the Slovak Museum of technology.The rich picture and textual documentation and all the precious exhibits refer to the trends of the development of physics in the world and their application in educational system at that time in our countries.The visitors can see the documented beginnings of the scientific life in the 19th century up to the present scientific institutions in Slovakia.

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 A reproduction of a Slovak mine has been built in the museum to demonstate the environment and machinery of a mine. In this reproduction of a mine the entrances to the mine shafts are named after people who we e important to mining in this area, for example: Jozef Karol HELL /1713-1789/and Krištof Traugott DELIUS /1728-1779/a represented in the mining gallery. Hanging on the walls of the stair case are lamps from this era in mining.The entrance space is devoted to the history of basic mining equiptment.This basic mining equiptment became the symbol of the mining profession.In particular there are i ons and hammers and other implements for the extraction of minerals.

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